Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Reflections

October has brought on a whole new round of challenges, but challenges that have taught me a lot. First of all, at the very beginning I was so ready to be home after being robbed and being so sick. There was nothing worse than having to wait two weeks to see my family and friends. I finally arrived, and was completely blown away by America. It was so quiet, calm, and organized. And, not to mention, there was just so much hot water and so many toilet seats. Mind blown.

After a day filled with readjusting and napping, I felt very blessed to have arrived home just in time to celebrate the life of PawPaw Walsh with my dear family. He was a great man who I always loved seeing, and it was hard to see my family hurt as much as they did.

Aunt Pam singing Happy Birthday with Paw Paw.

From there, the wedding festivities began! I had a blast celebrating the first wedding (of many) that I will be in with my longest friend. It was a much needed girls' weekend in the mountains, and I felt so honored to see Ciara marry her best friend.

After the wedding, I was laying in bed and feeling incredibly panicked about having to go back to Peru. I was enjoying the commodities of America too much! You know, cars, toilet paper, carpet. Those kinds of things. But the Lord took those feelings away the next day.

On Sunday, my last full day in the States, I was able to go to church and to the college-aged ministry gathering. Being back was an incredibly odd feeling. Even though I was in such a familiar place, I felt out of place since everything has changed so much. I knew it would, but I must not have been ready for it like I thought I was. A number of tears were shed, but I know that the Lord is faithful. He showed me to really appreciate my Peruvian church family no matter if our views differ a little bit. I took that challenge to heart, and I have really enjoyed getting to know the brothers of my church better. I've taught the college-aged ministry a lot about how to be more active in activities outside of strict bible studies, and they've taught me to really dive into the Word. It's a good relationship we've got going. :-)

I have really been enjoying my time in Peru after that nice refresher in States and I am glad I still have two (only two!?!) months left.

This weekend took a big toll on me, though. Friday and Saturday were stressful as I had to participate in a professional development seminar and give various presentations. Once all was finally said and done, I barely had time to relax before I got two pieces of bad news. I was informed that one of the most influential people in my life over the last decade passed away on October 26. It was a horribly tragic loss not only for me, but also for anyone who had met him, especially those in the youth group. There are few people in the world who made me feel as special as Mr. Ken did. He forever changed our hearts by his love and kindness but has left us with so many questions and so much hurt. I am forever grateful for his years of service, and I know our church will never be the same without him. Thank you, Mr. Ken, for everything you have done for us. You will never be forgotten!


  1. Enjoyed your post... Ken's funeral was very heartfelt and several friends spoke as well as Nic and Ken's sister. Didn't get any Luca though...sorry. My eyeballs hurt...long time since I cried this much. So glad we gave so many wonderful memories... what was your second bad news...praying all is OK