Saturday, June 1, 2013

Travel, Travel, Travel

After an uneventful flight into Lima, we had quite the eventful 24 hours. (The "we" I am referring to is a group from UGA that just happened to be flying down at the same time as me as well as our native Peruvian contact) About 10 minutes after we got out of customs, two famous Mexican singers Jesse y Joy showed up. People were screaming, running and flashes were going off everywhere. I really thought they were coming for me.  Then we all crammed into two taxis and almost got into countless accidents. I think they were just trying to keep us on our toes.

A little shaken from the taxi ride, we finally arrived to our hotel and slept til morning.

Later, we perused the streets, looking like súúúúpergringos (aka tall white people)... Some students stopped us and asked Kevin and me to take a picture with them.

And then 6 of us crammed into a  4 person taxi...

Then we rode for 9 hours on a bus where I saw nothing but...


... but don't worry, the beach was on the other side. The. Entire. Time.

As for now, I have learned that many Peruanos are incredibly loud and don't care if you hear every word of their conversation. Even their animals are loud. The roosters living on the roof of the house right beside my window became the sound track of my morning at 7 AM sharp. Love those fellows. May even give them a name. Definitely up for suggestions.


  1. I'm soooo going to be living vicariously through you ... :)

    Love you! Miss you already! Praying for safety and AMAZING memories!

    1. Thank you! And I'm praying for you as you are at the beach with your kiddos!

  2. we're hungry for your every word and picture...enjoyed lunch with Kim Hoyt, your mom and dad today!...we ate at FOLK'S...mmmmmmmm, peach muffins. Praying for you onstantly...Kim will be leaving you some messages soon...she has a friend your age their in the town you are in and he will be able to show you lots and introduce you to many young Christians in the area ;). Buy some sun screen.

    1. Oh Hooray! I hope she sends it soon... I'm excited to start making my own friends and getting away from the Gringos who only speak English haha :)